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Magnetostrictive technology for Guided Wave testing is the alternative at instrumentation that uses collars of piezoelectric elements. The main difference lays in the wave generation principle which is magneto-mechanical instead of electro-mechanical.

The magnetostrictive - Guided Wave technology was developed and patented by a non-profit organization and Research Institute based in San Antonio, Texas-USA. The latest version of this technology is represented by the new MsS3030 which is manufactured in San Antonio, Texas and commercialized by Guided Wave Analysis LLC.

For commercial information on purchasing, rental, or service with MsS guided wave equipment, visit or simply contact us. 


In addition to the benefits brought by Guided Wave inspection in general, the particularities of the magnetostrictive technology offer specific advantages that were fully implemented in the new MsS3030:

  • The same equipment can be used for a variety of applications like inspection of pipe systems in the oil&gas and chemical facilities, heat exchangers, boiler tubes, bridge ropes, rods, plate-like structures and many others.
  • A wide temperature range: from -80°C up to 500°C
  • Frequency range: from 16kHz up to 250kHz with dedicated probes for each center frequency.
  • Flexible MsS probes based on thin magnetostrictive strips – they can be created on site by the user itself for the desired pipe size and with reduced costs.
  • 3 types of probe coupling for pipe inspection: 
    • Dry coupling with mechanical tool for extreme temperature or underwater applications.
    • Shear Wave Couplant for fast inspection use similar to UT coupling and usage
    • Epoxy bonding for long-term monitoring applications

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