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Various Guided Wave NDT applications are possible with the magnetostrictive system that provide economical benefits:

  • Inspection of piping systems in oil&gas and other chemical facilities: 
    • limits the need to remove the coating to a single location (typically 30-50cm) to inspect tens of meters of coated pipeline and just for the first time (sensors can be left in place for further inspections or long-term monitoring)
    • installing magnetostrictive sensors on short buried pipe segments for long-term monitoring avoids successive digging for periodical inspections;
    • can detect 1% to 5% cross-sectional wall loss and even internal defects, preventing accidental spills;
  • Inspection of inaccessible piping like cased road or rail crossings avoiding costly operations on the infrastructure and digging;
  • Screening of tensed wire ropes like bridge suspenders;
  • Inspection of anchor rods or other cylindrical structures.